Knoops' innocence project

Knoops’ advocaten has a special section for the review of criminal cases called the Knoops’ innocence project. Over the years, our firm has acquired a great deal of expertise regarding re-investigating facts, drawing up applications for the reviews of cases by the Supreme Court and conducting review proceedings. In cooperation with mrs. P. Dingemanse LLM and mr. L. Ricardo Knoops' innocence project handles cases on the Dutch Antilles as well.

Contact details

Knoops' Innocence Project
Concertgebouwplein 25
1071LM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: +31(0)20-470-51-51

Knoops' Innocence Project
Rozenweg 4
P.O. Box 134 Willemstad
T: 00599-744-2138 (P. Dingemanse); 005999-663-1179 (L. Ricardo)

Knoops’ advocaten
Concertgebouwplein 25
1071 LM Amsterdam
Phone +31 20 470 51 51